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2024-2025 National Bound Tryout Information & Permitted Date

By Webmaster, 01/16/24, 1:15PM EST


Attention All New Hampshire Hockey Programs/Families

2024-25 Tryout Information and Permitted Dates National Bound

For All Youth and Girls/Women's National Bound teams tryouts may be conducted no earlier than 4:00 PM Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

Please Note: Open skates, skill sessions, identification skates, Association skills, or invitations to attend team practices which include players that have not been on a regular season USA Hockey Roster with that Association prior to January 1 of the current season are not permitted, and violations will subject the Association, Team, Player, and Coach to penalties by NHAHA/USA Hockey.

No contracts can be offered to players prior to the date specified above. Any Association or team that recruits a player from a Non-National Bound tryout held prior to the permitted date for a National Bound tryout set forth by the date above, shall subject to penalties by NHAHA.

Any player that signs a contract with a Non-National Bound team as a result of a Non-National Bound tryout held prior to the date for a National Bound tryout, shall be ineligible to be rostered on a National Bound team in the same Association, unless the USA Hockey Registrar review and approves a roster change based upon injuries or other extenuating circumstances.

Please direct any questions to Matt Roy and Kevin Fascetta. Thank you.