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Rule Change Year Means Adjustments for Officials

Welcome to another season of officiating.  This year brings with it a list of rules changes for the game of hockey.  This means that returning officials have new rules and changes to learn and embrace while new officials will be seeing these standards for the first time as a referee.  In either case it is our responsibility as hockey referees to know the new rules and the changes and provide equal and fair enforcement of them in all of the games we participate in.


Click the rulebook below to download the most current version.

Chris Rousseau

NH Supervisor of Officials

New England District Referee Website

Find out what is going on with the New England District officials.

What is the Declaration of Safety, Fair Play and Respect?

When the USA Hockey Board of Directors ratified the Declaration of Safety, Fair Play and Respect in June of 2019 its intent was to create a culture that eliminates: 1) hits to the head, 2) hits from behind and 3) late hits.

The onus on modifying the culture lies with everyone in the game, from players, coaches and officials to media, parents, fans and administrators.

While the focus of the Declaration is largely around changing the culture and mindset involved with body checking, there is also language that deals with unsportsmanlike conduct centered around banging on the boards to celebrate a body check. Below this video of Pat Kelleher, executive director of USA Hockey, commenting on the Declaration, there is a document that clarifies the intent around what has been a long-standing part of the USA Hockey rulebook. 


This video is a MUST watch for all coaches, players, parents, and officials.  This video provides solid examples of the types of plays that should be considered acceptable and unacceptable.  Please take a few moments to watch and learn a better way to play our sport.